Spiked Leather Dog Hardness - Black

Size: Small
Sale price$29.99


Now, this is what we call a premium harness. This dog harness is constructed from the finest quality soft and strong leather. This good boy harness is designed to fit comfortably around your dog's chest area. This spiked harness has four adjustable straps and the hardware is available in easy-release and belt style buckles. Additionally, the chest plate is covered in cool metallic spikes.

Girth: 25 inch to 38 inch (63 cm to 95 cm)
Neck: 14 inch to 25 inch (33 cm to 58 cm)

Girth: 27 inch to 42 inch (68 cm to 105 cm)
Neck: 19 inch to 29 inch (43 cm to 68 cm)

X Large

Girth: 32 inch to 50 inch (79 cm to 125 cm)
Neck: 22 inch to 34 inch (60 cm to 85 cm)

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