Petstages Purr Pillow Snoozin' Sloth Plush Cat Toy, Green

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The Purr Pillow Snoozin' Sloth by Petstages is a must have for any cat that gets separation anxiety or loves to cuddle! This soft, cozy and adorable sloth has a familiar, comforting purr that calms cats when they’re stressed. The purr mechanism is easily activated by squeezing and lasts 2 minutes. When it’s time to wash, simply remove the purr mechanism and place the soft shell into the washing machine. Leave out to dry before replacing the purr mechanism.

  • reduces anxiety for stressed cats:This soft plush purring cat toy is a great way to calm down kitties that get separation anxiety or exhibit signs of stress.
  • touch activated purr:The sloth Purr Pillow is designed to provide a familiar, soothing cat purr that lasts 2 minutes each time the toy is squeezed or cuddled.
  • cuddly fabric:Soft fabric and bright colors will make the Purr Pillow Snoozin' Sloth a favorite nap time buddy.
  • removable purr for easy cleaning:Keep your kitty's favorite new cuddle toy clean by simply removing the purr mechanism and placing the soft fabric shell into the washing machine. Dry before replacing the purr mechanism.
  • play it safe:No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

product specifications

size: One-Size

color: Green

character: Sloth

dims: 2" H x 9" L x 7.5" W

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