LAMBERT KAY Oatmeal & Baking Soda Shampoo 18oz

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Lambert Kay Salon Baking Soda Medicated Shampoo for Dogs is made with time-tested ingredients that help to soften the skin and aid in the relief of scaling dandruff, dermatitis, itching and dry skin. Routine bathing with medi-cleen Shampoo helps control pet body odors. It's non-irritating and non-drying, too.


  • For dandruff, dermatitis, itching and dry skin.
  • Non-irritating and Non-drying.
  • Controls body odor
  • Conditions the coat


  • Key Ingredients:
    cleansing agents (sodium lauryl, sulfate, decyl polyglusose, sodium bicarbonate/baking soda) conditioners (di-hydrogenated tallow phathlic acid amide, cocamide DEA), soothing agents (oat flower, sodium bicarbonate/baking soda, alow vera), deodorizing agent (sodium bicarbonate/baking soda), and fragrance.

    1. Wet coat with warm water. 2. Pour shampoo along animal's back. 3. Work shampoo into coat. Add more if needed. 4. Rinse. 5. Shampoo again. 6. Rinse until water is free of suds.

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