Herbal Flea Shampoo – Dog and Cat 16 oz

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Veterinarian Formulated & Recommended

For dogs and cats.

  • Gentle enough for puppies and kittens.*
  • Soothes skin and leaves coat soft and silky.
  • Essential oils help to soothe skin.

NaturVet Herbal Flea Shampoo for dogs and cats is a unique combination of Rosemary, Cedarwood, Geranium, and Thyme Oil that repels fleas. Essential oils help to soothe skin and leaves coat soft and silky.

NaturVet Herbal Flea Shampoo, NaturVet Herbal Flea Powder, and NaturVet Herbal Flea Spray work together synergistically for extra support.

*For use on puppies and kittens after weaning and when over the age of six weeks.

Available In: 16 fl oz

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