Dog Dress - Blue Sky Floral

Size: Small
Sale price$9.99


Take a look at this gorgeous doggie dress! It is made of a soft and comfortable cotton material, which is very light and breathable for dogs. This dress is made in such way that it is very easy to put on your puppy and the opening of the hem is big enough, so that your pup will keep this dress as nice, as new.

Size Chart:
Size           Back                          Neck                        Chest
XS              5.91"/15cm               7.87"/20cm               10.63"/27cm
S                7.87"/20cm               9.06"/23cm               12.60"/32cm
M               9.84"/25cm             10.24"/26cm              14.57"/37cm
L               11.81"/30cm             11.42"/29cm              16.54"/42cm
XL             13.78"/35cm             12.60"/32cm              18.50"/47cm

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