Massive Growth of Homeless Puppies

Currently in the State of Florida, there has been an alarming growth of Homeless Puppies, being a problem for the poor animals and Public Health in Longwood.
Due to the mistreatment and bad care of some people, many animals and people have been affected.
The rate of homeless animals has grown by approximately 5% in just 2 months.

That is why at Doggo Lovers Shop for Dogs and Puppies has been conducting training for the prevention of these cases, we have been developing different Civil and Citizen Education projects for the Care of a Homeless Pet, that is why we want to offer different types of free virtual trainings for the awareness of people regarding the care of pets.
We also want to emphasize the importance of Adopting a puppy or a homeless dog, since they too feel, they also get sad and they also deserve a Family.
If you have the opportunity to buy a pet, a dog, a puppy, any animal that needs a Family, do it, you have every right, but remember that Adopting is also saving a Life.

At Doggo Lovers we specialize in the care of your dog, your puppy and we also take ownership of the Health of Homeless Animals, that is why we want to develop our new project of Rapid Adoptions, to benefit the animals that really need our Help .
You can find more information about our projects in Our Store in Longwood Florida.

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