Human Vs. Dog Shampoos

One may wonder that if they need to give their dogs a bath to keep them clean then they might as well do it with the regular human shampoos. But this is a grave error.

Dog’s skin is different and more sensitive as compared to humans and hence, their shampoos are also designed to be different and gentle on their skin and coat.

The following are some brief differences between human and dog shampoo that will throw some light on what dog shampoos are.

pH difference

There is significant pH difference between human and dog skin. Dogs have more acidic skin and hence their shampoo’s pH is designed to be between the range 2.2 and 7.5.

Their skin needs are different from that of a human’s and the shampoos are fabricated keeping in mind the sensitivity of their skin.

Insect control

Humans rarely have any insect infestation except lice. But dogs can get infected with ticks as well.

Their shampoos thus need to contain a chemical called pyrethrins that are effective in killing these insects.

Dandruff issues

Both humans and dogs face dandruff issues however, the solutions for both are very different. Human shampoos can be harsh on dogs and hence, they are designed to be milder.

They take into consideration the skin sensitivity of dogs and fabricate the shampoo with the proper ingredients.

Speciality shampoos

There are a variety of different shampoos available that target different problem areas. Some are for enhancing the color of the coat or whitening and others for texture improvement.

While some may be for odor control others are for conditioning the coat. One needs to identi

Benefits of using a dog shampoo

The following are some advantages of using a dog shampoo instead of the normal human one.

  • The makers of a dog shampoo realize the importance of fabricating it such that the product matches the needs of a dog’s skin. Although, your dog maybe tough looking, it has a sensitive skin underneath that needs to be taken care of with the use of mild cleansing shampoos.
  • They cleanse the skin and coat while maintaining the pH. This is very important as changes in pH can causes rashes and irritability.
  • They also lather easily, have a good fragrance and maintain the moisture on a dog’s skin. Maintaining the moisture level is important as lack of it can cause dry skin and dandruff.
  • Some shampoos are specially designed for dirt removal and coat brightening. One can hit two targets at once with this.

What Types of Dog Shampoos are Available?

A wide variety of shampoos are made available to deal with all sorts of problems that one can face with their dogs. A few are listed below.

  • Puppy : With no tear formula
  • Brightening : To add luster and shine
  • Deodorizing  : For odor removal
  • Herbal Protein : For conditioning  using natural ingredients
  • Septi-Sooth : For soothing skin infections and inflammations
  • Flea and Ticks : For removing the infestation of these insects
  • Premium Conditioning : For proper conditioning of coat without  oily residues
  • Itch SStop:To get relief from itchy skin
  • Oatmeal : Helps to retain moisture while cleaning thoroughly

Precautions when choosing a dog shampoo

It is very important for a person to understand fully the skin type and coat texture of their dog to get the best possible product for it.

When the shampoo matches the needs of the dog, one can witness amazing improvements. The following are some points to keep in mind before selecting the perfect dog shampoo.

  • One needs to first correctly identify their dog’s skin type and choose a product accordingly. The shampoo that is directed for some other reason and used wrongly can worsen the situation for many people.
  • If the dog’s skin seems flaky and he seems to be scratching himself at all times then perhaps a shampoo for dry skin or dandruff should be considered.
  • If the skin seems oily, then the shampoo should be chosen accordingly.
  • One should perform a small skin test before using the shampoo. If it doesn’t suit the dog’s skin then it should obviously not be used any further.
  • If one is unable to identify the skin type, a veterinarian should be consulted as they will be able to give better advice.
  • One should make sure that they are informed about the allergies of their dogs (if any). The ingredients of the shampoo should be checked before buying so as to know if contains any chemical or constituent that the dog is allergic to.

Precautions while using the chosen dog shampoo

Given there are so many types available, it is very important to choose the right shampoo for your dog.

  • When one has finally selected the proper shampoo, they should closely follow the instructions that are mentioned on the packaging. A dog’s skin is sensitive and frequent baths can aggravate a situation rather than heal it. Therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions given on the packaging.
  • The intervals at which a dog needs to shampoo should be fixed after consulting with a vet. One should also stick with this routine. The amount of shampoo should also be adhered to if mentioned on the packaging.
  • After shampooing it should be made sure that no residues are remaining. This can cause itching or dandruff. Also, the dog tends to clean itself up after a bath and if any residual shampoo is remaining, it could ingest that and this could upset it’s digestive system.


Dogs are cheerful creatures that can make one’s day. All full of love and energy, they deserve all the love and attention that one can give them.

Thus, it has been seen that the owners these days are taking special care to get just the right product for their dear one.

One only needs to keep the above mentioned points in mind to make an informed decision and keep their dog healthy inside and beautiful outside.